William Wordsworth and the Lake District

The Romantic poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850) spent most of his life in the Lake District, living with his sister Dorothy and his wife Mary Hutchinson. In this video I’ll show you the places and landscapes that influenced his poetry! Places Featured: Dove Cottage, Grasmere Owned by the Wordsworth Trust, Dove Cottage is lovely to explore, […]

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Sweeney Todd and The String of Pearls

186 Fleet Street home of Sweeney Todd

The fictional story of Sweeney Todd, the London barber who kills his victims and makes them into pies with his accomplice Mrs Lovett, has captivated audiences for almost two hundred years. While numerous films ensure Todd’s tale remains in the popular imagination, where did his story originate? In 1846-7 the British “hack writer” Thomas Preskett […]

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