An introduction to the Exeter Book

Exeter Book manuscript

In 970 AD, one of the UK’s greatest literary treasures was written: the Exeter Book. It is probably the oldest surviving book of poetry from Anglo-Saxon England, and contains a fascinating array of Old English works, from Christian and elegaic poems, to riddles! The book was bequeathed to Exeter Cathedral Library by the first bishop […]

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Penguin Classics books

2016 marks the 70th anniversary of Penguin Classics and in order to celebrate, I’ve decided to compile a list of the Classics that I’ve found influential. Let me know which Penguin Classics you would include!   The Odyssey, Homer (c.750-700 BC) Where better to start than with Homer’s Odyssey, the first Penguin Classics title published […]

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Anglo-Saxon Literature Recommendations

Beowulf manuscript British Library

  When I tell my friends I enjoy studying Anglo-Saxon literature, I am usually met with looks of shock and the response, “Why?”  Considering the Anglo-Saxon period spanned over 600 years, from the fall of the Roman Empire around 410 AD to 1066, it is no surprise the literature from this era is so wide-ranging. […]

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